Andreas Gehm stood for the pure old school sound. Among his many project names (Elec Pt.1, The Minister, Manager 111, Trajical Bitch) he had been releasing for years on various internationally well known labels such as Jamal Moss‘ Mathematics Recordings, Traxx’s Nation (Chicago), Bunker Records, Creme Jak (Holland) , Psycho Thrill (Cologne), Snuff Crew’s Snuff Trax (Germany) Abstract Acid (UK)ect. His tracks are in pure Jack tradition, sometimes harder and acidic, sometimes deeper. The original Spirit is always given.


Esposito has been a resident at Griessmuehle since its birth and heads up the deep diving, stripped down techno party Grime Box. His style crosses a range of sounds from his infamous atmospheric, tension building, ambient warm-ups to subwoofer wrecking bass and techno sets on the main floor.





Darwin cut her teeth here as a Grime Box regular, and now heads the UK Bass party REEF that proudly calls Griessmuehle home. Digging bass, rave, and breakbeat centric styles, she brings a playfulness and sincerity to her sets that is often found lacking in the scene. Alongside bruising techno and dub, these are the sounds you can hear on her emerging label SPE:C.



„Murat Tepeli’s trade is poise. In his sets, he creates perfect harmony between ecstasy and ass shaking on one hand and gentle emotion and elegance on the other. In his production, he often pairs melancholy with the necessity to dance, opulence and reduction, loud and quiet. Professionally, Murat Tepeli walks the tightrope of being a DJ in the Club and a surgeon in the operating theatre. He combines these extremes with a playful energy and manages to put the full range of emotions and experiences into his sets.“ (Resident Advisor)










 (ALKHEMY | Griessmuehle -NYC)

A product of Brooklyn’s gritty underground, Xiorro is a Puerto Rican artist who has been a leading force in delivering the harder and faster end of techno to the local scene. Remaining true to the origin of his name, Xiorro, a renegade, leads his followers to revolt against the status quo through rebellious sounds and the awakening of the mind.

In 2016, Xiorro co-founded ALKHEMY and The Black Hole, the collective and rave with a mission to highlight diversity in techno. As the party gained international exposure while booking artists like Charlton, Remco Beekwilder, Under Black Helmet, Makaton, and Keepsakes for their US debuts, so did Xiorro and now he can call Griessmuehle his second home.