Dear promoters,

we would like to inform you about several important points about artworks (digital & printed) for events at our club:

  1. The iconic spelling of the club name is:
    it’s written with ss and ue.
  2. The logo might not be changed in style and form no matter it’s used with or without the club name written under it.
    We do often see visually distorted versions of the logo itself as well as old spellings of the club name. Therefore we now attach
    several file formats of the logo:180617_Griessmuehle_Logo
  3. The format of printed posters which may be pinned at the club (only at the allowed placarding spots) has to fit into the A1 format. This includes the following possibilities:A1, A1 long (means the A1 format cut into two half by its length), 2x A1 wide/crosswise (means the A1 format cut into two half by its wide and therefore two  of them pinned under each another so there is no empty space).