05 August – 08 August

Fr 05 Aug 2016 ― 22:00
bis Mo 08 Aug 2016

Diesmal mit:

Mühlenmarkt N°24
→ Griessmühle – Affin Showcase
→ Wrong Era x Red Laser Records
→ Griessmühle + Wrong Era AfterHour
→ Cocktail d’Amore
→ Cocktail d’Amore AfterHour

/// Freitag

→ Griessmühle – Affin Showcase

__Keith Carnal (Affin, Arts)
__Arnaud Le Texier (Affin, Children of Tomorrow)
__Joachim Spieth (Affin)
__Emanuel De Vayrac (Habitus/Adapted)

→ Wrong Era x Red Laser Records

__Station Live (Red Laser Records)
__Il Bosco (Red Laser Records)
__Sonofapizzaman (Red Laser Records)
__Franz Scala (Slow Motion, Wrong Era)

→ Griessmühle + Wrong Era AfterHour

__Buena Onda noted by Balearic Gabba Soundsystem
__DJ Divinity (Denfis / Griessmühle)

/// Samstag

→ Cocktail d’Amore

__Eric Duncan aka Dr. Dunks (Rub-N-Tug / DFA / Golf Channel Recordings – NY)
__The Violet Hour (Cocktail d’Amore Music, Berlin)
__Andi Hanley (Body & SOUL, Manchester)
__Dreems (Multi Culti, Sydney)
__T.K.D. (Split Secs, LA)
__Måns Ericson (Rollerboys, Stockholm)
__Márcio Vermelho (ODD, São Paulo)
__New Twinks On The Block aka Luigi Di Venere & CockTail d’Amore Sound Machine!


05 August - 08 August