Background. Codes #202420

Do 19 Jul 2018 ― 23:59
bis Fr 20 Jul 2018

Pris [avian / semantica / resin]
Karschau [background. codes / colours]
Future.666 [berlin]

For the third Edition of our thursday night series we have invited Pris to heat up Griessmühles basement for you. Since his first EP in 2013, he built up a strong catalogue and released on labels like Shifted’s Avian, Semantica as well as on both of his imprints Unbeknown to Us and Resin. With having artists like Blawan, Stenny or Perth Drug Legend (to name a few) involved in his label, he sure knows how to pick heavy duty dancefloor killers and we can’t wait for him to show us his unique approach to techno. Also on board is the young and upcoming artist future.666, who will make sure to keep you all going until the end with one of his impulsive sets. Last but not least we have our resident Karschau on the decks, mesmerizing you with his penchant for dark and trippy sounds.