Destroy All Monsters Labelnight

Do 29 Dez 2016 ― 23:00
bis Fr 30 Dez 2016

Welcome to our Labelshow at Griessmühle.

_Negativ Dekadent (live)
_Dr.Nojoke (live)
_Logic Not (live)
_Stranger In The Night
_Prinz von Tellair

‚Destroy All Monsters’ is a Techno label based in Berlin and Shanghai. It is conceived as an outlet for outlandish, different, serious Techno.

What do we mean by „outlandish, different, and serious“? We simply believe that contemporary Techno should go beyond the beaten paths if it still wants to be the future music. What we mostly see though is it being stuck in the all-too-known formulas and revival loops. So destroying monsters is a metaphor for attacking the ‚scene’s‘ tin goods and complacency – as well as our own! – and to develop new approaches. Which was enforced by our China experience, since it has helped us realize that even in a globalized and streamlined world there are pockets of home grown, different and fascinating new ideas about sound and genres that we love to work with. After all, we want to surprise and elevate by electronic weirdness, rather interesting sounds, an openness towards influences from other genres, and some more unforeseeability in productions and sets. Last but not least, we hope to help diminish commercialisation – lots of it in Techno these days… . Destroy neoliberalism and its mindset!