Killekill Ghetto House Special (+20 hrs Techno Floor)

Sa 11 Feb 2017 ― 22:00
bis So 12 Feb 2017

This time Killekill focusses on the hard hitting funk of Chicago Ghetto House for you. Prepare for some booty-shaking action and a lot of dirty lyrics.
The silo floor is being hosted by the background. codes-crew who have pulled together a big line up of straight and dark techno to foil the main floor.

The night goes on until 6 pm and will then lead directly into the Wax Treatment.

Ghetto House Floor:
The Cork Bangers
alias DJ Flush & Jamie Behan
Purita D

20 Hours Techno Floor:
Aiken (Timeline, Chronicle, Non Series)
Elad Magdasi (Front Left Records)
Fugal (Secondnature)
Karschau (Background. Codes)
Nostitz (Background. Codes)
Saturator35dB & Staím (Stützpunkt)
Golo (Controlled Violence)
Pierre (Sovtek)

Killekill Ghetto House Special (+20 hrs Techno Floor)