Killekill Summer Camp: Cynthia Stern’s Birthday Bonanza

Mi 11 Jul 2018 ― 23:55
bis Do 12 Jul 2018

The Horrorist (things to come)
Bizz O.D. (force inc, temple traxx) (live)
Luca Lozano (klasse wrecks)
Cynthia Stern (varvet) b2b Ben Pest (Varvet, OverworX)
TCMF (serotonin)
Oh, its that time of the year again!
For the third year in a row Cynthia joins the Killekill crew for a massive birthday celebration within their series of midweek events called the Killekill Summer Camp.
Cynthia who runs the Varvet label and parties has been busy last year and is also turning 40, so there are a lot of reasons to celebrate. 39 gave birth to the new duo Facket Strejkar together with BodyKarin whom also released the much acclaimed Varvet004 and together with Dave Tarrida and Subhead they made the long awaited for xtras003. Lets bring on the 40s.
For this special night Cynthia has got together some of the bestets of friends around to celebrate more than ever, starting with the actual live-debut of acid legend BIZZ O.D. whom been releasing on Force inc, DJ Unglue Fever, Temple Records Sm:)e Communications to name a few.
Second up is the almighty The Horrorist who has actually played on all of these three gatherings. He always delivers the F in Fun and insanity. Then we have the master mind behind Klasse Wrecks and Graffiti Tapes Luca Lozano who always delivers the best in proper sheffield style. Last but not least Cynthias studio buddy TCMF from the Serotonin fame will do the opening in a well good electro way. You might even see Cynthia in the flesh playing some old rave stompers as well as upcoming Varvet tunes.

Happy Birthday to Cynthia!

___________MEGA BDAY PRESENT_________
Ben Pest will join Cynthia Stern for a special back to back dj-set. Ben is known for his work with Cristian Vogel as Black E and his own magnificent work on labels such as Victim, Bonus Round, Varvet and his own OverworX.

Let the Birthday begin.