Killekill Summer Camp: The Crave x Sick Picnic x Acid Rave

Mi 18 Jul 2018 ― 23:59
bis Do 19 Jul 2018

Deniro (tape records)
Lake Haze (creme organization)
Cultuurschok (the crave) – live
cosmox (the crave)
Terrorrythmus (sick picnic)
Pacheko b2b Peter Silié (sick picnic)
Tilltheend (acid rave)

The Crave is a festival for electronic music in The Hague with one of the most advanced bookings in Europe, featuring a lot of electro, but also many other forms of electronic music. Following the Killekill showcase at The Crave festival in June, the youngsters running the festival will take over Griessmuehle as part of the Killekill Summer Camp series now. They will provide you with a broad spectrum of electronic music, ranging from electro to techno, back and forth, influenced by the local legacy which their legendary hometown has to offer. They are bringing a whole lot of their crew and everyone is going to be dancing to what their friends and beloved artists such as Deniro, Lake Haze, Cultuurschok and Cosmox will play out.

On the Silo floor, Berlin based Sick Picnic unites with Leipzig’s Oldschool Acid Rave, one of the coolest parties at their local IFZ, to blow your brains out with their raw blend of techno, acid, rave and other harder styles.