Krake Festival Day II: Krake meets Lunchmeat Festival

Mi 26 Jul 2017 ― 22:00
bis Do 27 Jul 2017

SHXCXCHCXSH & Pedro Maia – live AV [Avian]
SØS Gunver Ryberg & Cycles – live AV [Contort]
HRTL & oxoo – live AV [Bűkko Tapes & Lunchmeat]
Citty & Aeldryn – live AV [Circular Limited & Lunchmeat]
LOFN & Gabriela Prochazka – live AV
Kredenc & Sam Kiks – AV [Lunchmeat]
Nina Pixel & Orkhan Mammad [Hertz | Kunst-Plattform | female:pressure & Lunchmeat]
Dash [REM phase]
Whydie? [( RARE )]
Synthronic & Gluck – AV [Lunchmeat]
Dj Ghándí [Acidelika | Spiritual Soundsystem]
LAYUP & Raphael Kosmos [Endless Illusion |]
Mike.H [SEED | Lunchmeat]

On Wednesday, our friends from Lunchmeat Festival in Prague will take over Grießmühle and present their own night at Krake. Besides bringing a well-curated line up, they will show what they’re best known for: an extraordinary light design concept of precisely crafted levels and degrees of darkness. Stay tuned!

the rest of the festival:

Mon, 24th of July
Krake Opening @ silent green Kulturquartier
Fri, 28th of July
Krake Day III & Label Boutique @ Urban Spree
Sat, 29th to Mon, 31st of July
DAY IV & V The Kraken @ Griessmuehle

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