New Dance Fantasy Summer Festival

Fr 08 Jul 2016 ― 21:00
bis Mo 11 Jul 2016

Das Ding *Live (Minimal Wave Records)
Trevor Jackson (Metal Dance Set)
Africaine 808 *Live (Golf Channel Recordings)
Chloé (Kill the Dj / BPitch Control)
Tolouse Lowtrax *Live (Themes for Great Cities)
Tornado Wallace (Beats in Space / Delusions of Grandeur)
Rodion *Live (Slow Motion / Les Disques de la Mort)
Borusiade (Cómeme)
David Vunk VS De Dupe (Moustache A Parigi)
Albion (Camp Cosmic / Ambassadors Reception)
Novo Line *Live (Ecstatic)
Photonz (One Eyed Jacks)
Sam De La Rosa (Led Er Est / The Coombe)
Afrobot (Salamanca / AM / Red Light Radio)
Linea Beat (Slow Motion)
Alessandro Adriani (Mannequin Records)
Bionda E Lupo *Live (Bordello A Parigi)
MR TC *Live (Optimo Trax / Glasgow)
Charlotte Bendiks (Love OD / Norway)
Slick Chick (Salamanca / Pinkman / Charlois)
As Longitude (Eine Welt) *Live
Legs on Fire (Clone)
Violet (One Eyed Jacks)
Franz Scala (Slow Motion / Magic Waves)
spAceLex (Mond Musik / Club Cosmic / Sameheads)
Emil Doesn’t Drive (Sameheads)
Les Yeux Orange (Paris)
Ohana Hana (Red Light Radio)
Dane//close (Sameheads)
Leipzig Machine (Kilian Krings, Italo Fundamentalo & Luzi Gehrisch)
The Dresden Disorder (Roland Baader, Electric Evelyn, Kampfmann)
Oscar der Winzige (Sameheads)
Arcane Onde (Sameheads)
Ondula (Sameheads)

Pre-sale tickets can be purchased through RA, and will be available 1 month before the festival at Sameheads & Cafe Futuro.

RA Event

„The New Dance Fantasy Festival spans an entire weekend of non-stop music across 3 uniquely individual floors each carefully curated to incorporate the best in contemporary cutting edge electronics, rare international live showcases, festival heads, label owners and the kings and queens of rare vinyl acquisition into a twilight world of entertainment.“

Slow Motion
Bordello Aparigi
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New Dance Fantasy Summer Festival