Umwelt Album Release Party

Fr 21 Okt 2016 ― 22:00
bis Sa 22 Okt 2016

_UMWELT (killekill, boidae)
_Alienata (killekill)
_Moralez (mosaique)
_Morah (berceuse heroique)
_Kuno (terminal operations)
_Paàl (voitax)
_Swarm Intelligence (voitax)
_DJ Flush (killekill)
_MONYA (corresponding positions) – live
_Invia (voitax)

+ afterhour (details to follow)

This night we will celebrate the release of the long awaited album of French electro artist UMWELT on a new Killekill sublabel called Boidae. It’s a timeless epic full of emotion and drama, highly acclaimed by artists of all genres – a milestone of electronic music.

For the release party Umwelt has proposed a line up of friends, which we managed to put into effect more or less. Result is a line up of international electro/acid heads without any big names, but all quality stuff – very suitable for a Killekill night!

The second floor is co-hosted by Voitax, one of the hottest Berlin crews at the moment.
The afterhour will contain a few interesting surprises.

See you!

Umwelt Album Release Party