10 Years of Inverted Audio

Mi • 10.07.19 • 23:59 – Do • 11.07.19 • 08:00 • CLUB

Kassem Mosse
Low Jack

As part of the Killekill Summer Camp taking place this Summer in Berlin, Inverted Audio celebrate our 10 Year Anniversary at Griessmuehle on Wednesday 10 July 2019 with DJ sets from Kassem Mosse, Low Jack, Antepop and Elise.

First in line is an artist that we’ve been absolute fans of ever since he stepped into the game 13 years ago: Ominira boss and Workshop, TTT, Honest Jon’s affiliate Kassem Mosse will grace us with one of his high-flying, genre-bending DJ sets.

Working in the grey area betwixt abstract techno and deep, dubby house terrains, the Leipzig-based producer has kept carving out a lane truly his own, forging a signature sound as intelligently dynamic as it adroitly reconfigures familiar sonic elements into intricately-woven composite systems and processes.

Another firm favourite of ours, Editions Gravats co-founder and staple of multiple top-class labels including L.I.E.S., Modern Love, Bokeh Versions and more, the one and only Low Jack will bring his blasting Caribbean riddim meets offbeat techno savoir-faire to the table for a sweat-inducing session of low-lying booty shaking.

Bendy by nature, Low Jack’s sound finds him threading his way across stocky bass and ragga motifs, then slowly dissolving in full-fledged dubby anamorphosis or going full-on techno bizarro mode. With the Frenchman at the controls, you can expect the heat to crank up a few more degrees on the dance floor.

Loyal to the job as always, in-house vinyl slinger Antepop will select his weapons of choice to keep the adrenaline rushing. Raised to the sound of jungle and drum & bass, the Inverted Audio founder has since expanded his vision to everything deep and hard, blending melodic and introspective electronics with the high-velocity impact of pumping 4/4 mechanics.

Last but not least, Parisian DJ and producer Elise steps up to jaunt across broken rhythms and delicate electro landscapes. Having landed her debut EP on Man Band in 2017, the French groove manipulator continues to refine her trade through a monthly residency on Rinse France, and with forthcoming releases on François X and Seb Wildblood’s labels, it’s safe to say Elise is on the cusp of much grander visions.

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10 Years of Inverted Audio
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