Butch presents: Otherside

So • 30.06.19 • 22:00 – Mo • 01.07.19 • 06:00 • CLUB

Robert Dietz

Gearing up towards the fourth episode of OTHERSIDE at Griessmuehle.

This time Butch will be giving control of the club to fervent OTHERSIDE member Robert Dietz, to guide you all night to guide you through to Monday morning.


OTHERSIDE is a brand new residency that runs throughout 2019 at Griessmuehle, Berlin. The club, famous for its 24 hour party marathons, providing the perfect backdrop for Butch and his guests to go deeper, play longer, experiment and challenge partygoers with an extended soundscape that pulls reference to the myriad of influences that he draws on as a DJ.

The shows will run monthly from March to October in Griessmuehle, and bi-monthly in Radion.

Inspired by the label that Butch launched in 2014, the vinyl only outlet is a host to psychedelic minimalistic music, expect the residencies to be an extension of the label’s output. Releases on the label include Ricardo Villalobos & Butch’s collaborative EP Fuenf viertel and the latest EP by Bartaub, who have been appointed residents of the series.

OTHERSIDE, will bring together talented artists (confirmed and upcoming) that wouldn’t usually share the same bill and give them a blank canvas to play without expectation of style, to a receptive audience and without time constraints as both clubs have 24h licenses and are open ended.

Butch will be joined by various DJs announced monthly, including unannounced very special guests amongst S.A.M, Eli Verveine, Dorian Paic, Molly, Einzelkind, OTHERSIDE residents Bartaub and many more tba.

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