Eclectique x ArtBeiTon w/ D-Leria, Monolog, JustinePerry, LizaAikin

Do • 14.11.19 • 22:00 – Fr • 15.11.19 • 09:00 • CLUB

Eclectique x Art Bei Ton
Thu. 14.11.19 at Griessmuehle

R_1: Eclectique
D-Leria (Delirio / Children of Tomorrow)
Inner8 + Sorcery (live) (Holotone/ Midnight Shift)
Liza Aikin (Mord Records)
Lumisokea (Opal Tapes, Alter)
Monolog (Hymen, Ad Noiseam, Subtrakt)
ØBLVN (Zwischenwelt)

R_2: Art Bei Ton
Justine Perry (Art Bei Ton / Underrated)
Paula Koski (Monument)
Lucinee (PAL , NACKT, Lucid)
Ly Sas (Variance)

VJing: Sasha Smirnova (Art Bei Ton)

Polygonia (IO)
infinity (Art Bei Ton)
Hypnotic Black Magic (Art Bei Ton)
Herr Mike

Art Exhibition: ‚Who are you?‘
Becky Jaraiz – Illustration
Betty Manéa
Brenda Alamilla
Giulia Fumagalli
Lea Filipo
Lise Fichelle
Paula Jaume
Ophelie Napoli
Tegwen Evans

Visual installation: ElCid VS


Eclectique x Art Bei Ton is a collaboration between two alternatives event managers. They are combining their concepts to explore the techno scene with a 360 degrees vision, presenting various art medium.

The public will dance and rave from Ambient to Experimental music, with Brocken Beat and Hypnotic Techno, together with live performances and visual arts, such as VJing, video installations, and exhibition.

The keywords of this one night are a combination of knowledge, music performance, visual arts, sciences, and experimentations.
Eclectique events will always start at sunset with some Live Experimental Performances, Workshops and Vernissage.

Our main goal is to offer a varied lineup, gathering a diverse and equal male/female line up, featuring international artists. Most of the music performers are playing live and/or on modular synth eurorack.

*From 9:30pm till 11pm: WORKSHOP
R_2 – EMS – Electronic Music School Berlin Workshop on music production: info@em-school.com [from 9:30 pm till 11:00 pm]

R_1 + R_2 + R_3
DJ sets and Live acts, Experimental Live Improvisation, live exhibition and live performance with a modular synthesizer.
VJing and A/V performances

Tickets Resident Advisor
Art Bei Ton

Eclectique is not just about the different forms of expression than about the experience they can bring once they meet. All being uniquely perceived by each of us. Eclectique is about feeling it, living it, embracing it…being. Free.

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