Haven w/ New Frames, Tommy Holohan, Keepsakes

Mi • 04.09.19 • 23:59 – Do • 05.09.19 • 07:00 • CLUB

Keepsakes [HAVEN/S.L.A.M./MORD]


For Haven’s next Berlin invasion they are proud to invite German heavyweights New Frames and Ireland’s Tommy Holohan to the Griessmuehle Silo.

New Frames is the latest techno project from Mathis Mootz (The Panacea Official, Squaremeter) and David Frisch. Since launching with their debut album on the seminal home of dark electronics, HANDS, in 2017, the team have shown off their flawless production skills in their industrial-inspired dance floor tracks, which have also seen the pair releasing on Kobosil’s R – Label Group. The Haven team have been so impressed with their output they have both invited them along to DJ this next Griessmuehle show and contribute to the next release in the Haven discography.

Tommy Holohan has been an up-and-comer worth keeping your eyes on over the past couple of years. As resident of Ireland’s infamous Techno & Cans club night the young DJ has made a busy schedule for himself in his home country, whilst also showing formidable production ability in his music. Starting with the release of breakbeat rave banger ‚Subaru Impreza‘ on his own Rave Selekts imprint, Holohan came to the attention of the Haven crew, releasing his debut record ‚Skull Crushing Techniques‘ with them last year – with support coming from every DJ you can think of, from DJ Stingray, to Mall Grab, to Blawan and Dax J. We’re very much looking forward to finally getting to witness our young recruit closing the Silo floor this night!

Haven co-founder Keepsakes will set the mood for the evening in his opening set with his usual blend of eclectic vinyl selections.

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Haven w/ New Frames, Tommy Holohan, Keepsakes
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