Mother’s Finest

Sa • 22.02.20 • 23:59 – So • 23.02.20 • 12:00 • EXIL: ALTE MÜNZE

Dynamo Dreesen
Karima F
Nasty King Kurl (live)
Miriam Schulte
Franklin De Costa
more tba



Mother’s Finest launch their new label with a diverse 15 track compilation curated by Hodge and Franklin De Costa. Fusing cutting edge experimental with twisted techno and broken beats, acclaimed regulars are joined by buzzing newcomers and underground heroes, reflecting Franklin’s out of the box parties at Berlin’s Griessmuehle.

Spoilt for choice the compilation features ghostly ambient, cheeky breakbeats, melancholic d’n’b mutations, franatic UK workouts and twisted peak-time bangers. Currently in their seventh season with international showcases ahead and two mix cassettes under their belt, the compilation is made for lovers of forward thinking music, the courageous DJ or mind-bending home listening pleasure.

Release Date early March


Die Griessmuehle geht ins Exil und hat eine temporäre Bleibe in der Alten Münze gefunden. 
Vielen Dank für die schnelle und spontane Unterstützung. Wir sind froh unser Wochenendprogramm, sowie die Kino- und Poetry-Veranstaltungen in das Programm der Alten Münze integrieren zu dürfen.

Griessmuehle is going into exile and has found a temporary home at Alte Münze. 
Thanks a lot for the quick and spontaneous support. We are glad to be able to integrate our weekend program as well as cinema screenings and poetry slams into the program of Alte Münze.

Alte Münze
Molkenmarkt 2
10179 Berlin

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