Operate: 2-Step, UK-Garage & Speed Garage

Do • 13.02.20 • 23:59 – Fr • 14.02.20 • 06:00 • EXIL: POLYGON

Low End Activist (Sneaker Social Club)
DJ Swagger (Thirty Year Records)
TMSN (Operate)
Ben Mono (Operate)

Kicking off into 2020 with UKG, 2-Step & Speed Garage…

Since almost ten years Sneaker Social Club is providing the scene with an genre bending output covering all aspects of UK- Rave- & Soundsystem Culture. In 2019 alone, Sneaker Social Club has released a whole series of bottom-heavy UK Garage cuts, that all made it into our playlists. So we decided to invite Sneaker Socials very own Low End Activist to play at Operate.

Like everyone else, we are eagerly awaiting the release of his brand new record Bassline Funkyshit on Thirty Year Records. We are very happy to welcome DJ Swagger as a second headliner at our next party.


Die Griessmuehle geht ins Exil und hat eine temporäre Bleibe im Polygon Club gefunden. 
Vielen Dank für die schnelle und spontane Unterstützung. Wir sind froh unsere Mittwochs- und Donnerstagsveranstaltungen in das Programm des Polygon Clubs integrieren zu dürfen. 

Griessmuehle is going into exile and has found a temporary home at Polygon Club. 
Thanks a lot for the quick and spontaneous support. We are glad to be able to integrate our Wednesday and Thursday events into the program of Polygon Club.

Polygon Club
Wiesenweg 1-4
10365 Berlin

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