Refuge Weekender

Sa • 14.12.19 • 22:00 – Mo • 16.12.19 • 06:00 • CLUB


Nathan Micay
XXXXXX XXXX (announced next week)
DJ Fart in the Club b2b Special Guest DJ (xpq)
Golden Medusa
Stem [Jenny Cheng]
Byron Yeates (Radiant Love)


DJ Gigola
Derek Plaslaiko
The Burrell Connection (live)
ö (Kynant Records)
Missing Persons Club x Bigfoot’s Tea Party

Sonntag R_3:

Bell Towers
All Night Passion
Astral VIP [Big Leg, Nipuna, Dugong]
Jank Inc. (Move Forward)

Chillout Zone:

Janneke (Red Light Radio)
AVER (Village Live)
No Plastic

Refuge is a series of events supporting grassroots organisations in Berlin. We are working in solidarity with refugees, women’s emergency shelters, youth groups, and people experiencing homelessness.

This party is in solidarity with…

  • Schilleria: Community centre offering empowerment and leisure facilities for girls and young women in Neukölln.
  • Frauenzimmer: A non-profit and safe house for women and children escaping domestic violence, the women are supported in returning to work, children’s education, residency permits and much more.
  • Bikeygees e.V.: empowerment project offering cycling lessons, multilingual traffic lessons and bike repair basics, for women and girls.
  • aequa: a knowledge sharing platform focused on supporting an intersectional community in Berlin.

Weekend tickets start @ 10 EUR.

** If you are unemployed, seeking refuge, or in any other relevant situation and would like to come to the party but find yourself in financial difficulty – then you can contact us directly to arrange entrance for you or others in your community.

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