WAYS #3 w/ Moopie b2b Klon Dump

Do • 10.10.19 • 23:59 – Fr • 11.10.19 • 08:00 • CLUB

It mightn’t mean much to you—why would it?—but this the first official back-to-back between firm but geographically challenged friends Klon D and Moopie is more than a little auspicious. Moopie, boss man of boffin- and dancer-baiting label A Colourful Storm and meme-worthy DJ (and very probably Down Undah’s „best“), has oft pined for a chance to share the decks with K Dump, the deej and producer behind many of his finest releases—who could forget „Klon Dump Versus The Open Air,“ what with its signature fusion of joint-popping tech bounce-wob, raver glee and pass-me-the-stethoscope sound nerd accoutrements? Watch as they sublimate their considerable egos to the deity-like needs of The Dance Floor with woi-inducing cuts from the UK tech groover, continental mnml slinker and East Coast breakbeat blinder bins.

WAYS is Elissa Suckdog, Dan Beaven and Enchanted Rhythms, three fast friends who hold down the after-hours parties at Griessmuehle for Darwin’s UK-oriented night REEF.

Elissa Suckdog hosts Cashmere Radio’s Texture Mix series. Enchanted Rhythms unearths rare UKG and 2-step gems via his eponymous platform and radio show. He also co-runs the party DBRS with Dan Beaven, one of Berlin’s most adept and creative selectors with a natural talent for bending & blending speeds and styles. The trio pushes a distinct and fresh mix of 2-step, breakbeat, minimal, rave, house and beyond.

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