Workshop: A Brainwaves and Dance Experience

Mi • 24.04.19 • 18:30 – 21:30 • WORKSHOP

A INNATIVE LAB workshop:

BRAINWAVES DANCE EXPERIENCE explores into mind-body activation joining creative movement and neurosensing technology. The workshop is open for the general public, no need of specific background in dance or technology.
Reserve your spot: presseclectiqueberlin@gmail.com

Through the use of a wireless Brain-Computer Interface (electroencephalogram headband), participants are able to interact in real time with unique audiovisuals, using their own brain activity. This art-tech workshop mixes the physical and digital into an immersive „phygital“ experience.

ELEMENTS has been designed to develop the potential we all hold for collective creativity. It engages on participants’ intuitive and rational ways of interconnecting, enhancing so their awareness for their bodies and the environment. At Griessmühle, we even will try out how brainwaves by clubbing perform!

How it works? After a warming up, participants learn basic elements of Contemporary Dance and improvisation. They are then fitted with the electroencephalogram headband, trying it out and training their brainwaves. They are split into teams to develop different situational scenes and immersive sensations – as for example, being into the element water. In this dynamic, participants get to interact and react to one another. At the end of the workshop, the different groups perform their creations, while generating visuals and sounds from their brainwaves and collective motion.

Where: Silo Griessmuehle
Duration: 6:30 – 9:30 pm
Participation: 22 Euros
Capacity: limited to 25. Reserve your spot: presseclectiqueberlin@gmail.com

Elements workshops has been given into institutions, corporations and events like The London Business School, Mime Centrum, Trendwolves, Toyota, Danone and Wear It Festival. Video

The technology introduced in ELEMENTS has been developed in association with Neurofox, and already used in the performance Deep Waves of Innative Lab


Federico Foderaro
Italian audiovisual artist, working in the connection between art and technology. He has been also developing audiovisual material and installations for companies, galleries and artists like Marlboro, Fox Group, Artechouse Gallery, and Michael Comte. His live performance, “Anthropocene”, was awarded the jury prize of MUTEK Festival in 2017. Federico is also a widely known teacher of Max/MSP – software, giving workshops, producing educational videos and teaching at the HGB University Leipzig (2016) and HDPK Berlin (2018).

José Fernando Andrade
Colombian performing artist and spatial designer José Fernando Andrade has led a versatile career, developing interdisciplinary dance-theatre projects and innovation events for the corporative world. After participating with his works in key art events like the Iberoamerican Theatre Festival of Bogotá, Marató de l’Espectacle in Barcelona or Tanzmesse Düsseldorf, José Fernando founded in Berlin in 2017 INNATIVE LAB, aiming to create immersive experiences through the connection of art and sensing technologies. He also stablished Trend Tours Berlin, an agency focused on narratives between design, technology and business innovation.

Resident Advisor
>> Since the 20.02 started “ Eclectique Workshop series“ in Griessmuehle. The purpose of these workshops is to extend Eclectique’s education offering beyond the bi-monthly events to continue throughout the year, by partnering with education institutions and equipment manufacturers. In doing so we’d like to make Eclectique’s positioning as a platform to discover electronic music culture, science and education within Berlin. Format of the workshops: The workshops will take place during the day on Wednesday at Griessmuehle in the Silo, exact timings TBD. Attendees will need confirm the participation for the event hosting the workshop beforehand to register their interest and find out what to bring, and whether there’s any software they need to download if using laptops. Workshop hosts have a different topic they cover.
26.03.2019 Elektron: Eclectique presents Elektron Octatrack & Analog Rytm (Part I)
09.04.2019: Tiptop Audio: Producing electronic music with Eurorack;more TBA, info: presseclectiqueberlin@gmail.com

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