Workshop: DRONE AMBIENT MUSIC feat. Acratep

Mi • 15.05.19 • 18:30 – 21:30 • WORKSHOP


DRONE AMBIENT MUSIC WORKSHOP feat. Acratep(Eugenio Petrarca) Duration: 2hrsThe origins of the drone Music and its modern techniques of implementation through modularsynthesis.The participants will have the possibility to experiment the principal techniques of composition withinDrone and Ambient musicand also an orientation towards the possible combinations of Eurorack modules in order to perform live.During the workshop we will address the following topics:Historical precedent for the Music droneStructures of dynamic organization on modular Eurorack systemMicro/macro modulationsChoice of the most suitable tools and moduleConfiguration of effects in better format for performanceChoosing the mixer and performing structuresFrom a spiritual perspective, drones are often described as the doorway through which both players andlisteners enter the higher level of consciousness.Drones can be found in all ethnic and spiritual articulations, as well as in the sounds of nature and man-made environments – from a physical point of view, everything around us vibrates at a givenfrequency.Therefore, what is called noise in the urban context is actually just a dense layer of vibrations -a different kind of harmony – the ‘hum’ of the industrial city. These sounds represent the material, thecontext, and the individual’s social functions.We will explore this material from an abstract point of view but also the techniques to concretely realizethese sound patterns. Acratep is the moniker of artist Eugenio Petrarca, created for performance solo and with collaborators.Graduated in Sonic Arts at the Saint Louis Music College in Rome, in 2016 he move to Berlin where hefounded the ambient project Ab uno. Acratep compositions are spontaneous arrangements of modularsynthesizers patch pieces.His research is based on Drone Music, where each sound gets its unique sonic character through acombination of overtones, namely higher frequencies that sound like are dancing on the top of the soundspectrum. Long standing tones, slow movements, shifts repetition and layering.

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