Workshop Tiptop Audio: How to Produce music with Eurorack System

Mi • 07.08.19 • 19:00 – 22:00 • WORKSHOP

Eclectique introduces: Tiptop Audio Workshop Griessmuehle

Tiptop Audio welcomes you to a demonstration of our latest Tiptop Audio Eurorack modules and Z-DSP cards. Come learn about the VCA, MISO, MIX7 and Z-DSP. Get hands on use and demonstrations of Tiptop Audio’s new complete Eurorack system.

Working with the Z-DSP Signal Processor with Konstantin Gervis, Music Producer & Product Specialist at Tiptop Audio (ZV_K)

Making beats with the Circadian Rhythms with Adam Collins, Music Producer & DJ (Euphoria Records / Omni A.M.)

Working with the Z3000 Oscillator with a special guest…

ABOUT Tiptop Audio:
Rooted in a mission to create dedicated tools for the best sounding music, Tiptop Audio formed as a manufacturer of Eurorack modules, specializing in analog and digital circuitry. The company entered the music production market with its sizable catalog of voltage-controllable drum modules based off of Roland’s popular TR-808 and TR-909 models. Tiptop Audio went on to be known for releasing the world’s most pitch-accurate voltage-controlled analog oscillator – the Z3000 Mk2 Smart VCO.

Since then, an original line of critically-acclaimed products like Circadian Rhythms, ZEUS Power Supply and Stackcables have changed the way people interface with modular synthesizers. Tiptop Audio offers a full line of products and solutions created to inspire and assist all users-at any level on their journey through Eurorack modular audio.

Presented By Tiptop Audio:


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Mi • 07.08.19 • 19:00 • WORKSHOP
Workshop Tiptop Audio: How to Produce music with Eurorack System