10 Years of The29nov Films

Sa 26 Nov 2016 ― 22:00
bis So 27 Nov 2016

10 years ago the29nov films was started in a small village in Southern Germany. thousands of videos and millions of views later Sebastian Kökow and Kevin Paschold have become one of the most sought after video producers mostly for banging, industrial-leaning techno but also for all other kinds of electronic music.

To celebrate their 10th anniversary the29nov has gathered a few of their favourite artists and they all have contributed to a smashing compilation, which will be released on 2 double 12″es, one out in November 2016, the other one to follow soon.
Check out the tracklist of the first one below to get a feeling of what to expect.

Celebrate with us!

_BLUSH RESPONSE (aufnahme+wiedergabe)
_CHARLTON (mord)
_MAX DURANTE (sonic groove)
_I/Y (i/y)
_SUBJECTED (vault series)

_ALIENATA (killekill)
_AXIOM (killekill)
_DICKO NOISTER (killekill)
_DER BUSFAHRER (Thüringen-Berlin 12,50€)

+ Visuals by KEVIN PASCHOLD/the29nov films

tracklist the29nov Vol. 1:

A1: Headless Horseman – Under The Earth
A2: 3.14 – Krystal
B1: Subjected – Under the Unknown Age
B2: Charlton – Acquaintance
C1: Ontal – The Visionary Movement
C2: I/Y – This is not Salvation, this is your Destruction
D1: Max Durante – Aggressive Behaviour
D2: Paul Birken – Swellbow

10 Years of The29nov Films