CockTail d’Amore XXXL <3 Pfingst Fucking

Sa 03 Jun 2017 ― 23:55
bis Mo 05 Jun 2017

saturday night through monday night — come celebrate with us 2000 +++ years of pfingst fucking!

Alex From Tokyo (World famous nyc, Berlin)
Andy Hart (Voyage, Melbourne)
DJ Luigi (Overdrive, Berlin)
Liad Krispin (Berlin)
Nick Murray from Otologic (Animals Dancing, Melbourne)
Omer (Cocktail d’Amore Music, Berlin)
ROTCIV (Mister Mystery, Berlin)
Solar (We Are Monsters, SF)
Suzanne Kraft (Melody As Truth, Amsterdam)
Tornado Wallace (Running Back, Melbourne)
WRECKEDnyc aka Ron Like Hell DJ and Ryan Smith DJ (WRECKED, NYC)
CockTail d’Amore Sound Machine

CockTail d'Amore XXXL <3 Pfingst Fucking