Planet Parallel x Phase

Sa 11 Mrz 2017 ― 22:00
bis So 12 Mrz 2017

R1_ Planet Parallel (Halle)

__Kern Space Adventures (Syncrophone / FR)
__Tallmen 785 (Hotflush, Fiedeltwo, Tanstaafl)
__Daniela La Luz live (Parallel Berlin, Rawax)
__Yannick Robyns (Wanted, Parallel Berlin)
__Mikki (Parallel Berlin)

R2_ PHASE. (Silo)

__Florian Kupfer (W.T. Records, L.I.E.S)
__Lee Douglas (Cititrax, L.I.E.S)
__June (June rec., Mathematics)
__Still Deep (Way to Calypso)
__Alexis (Phase)

Planet Parallel invited one of the leading French techno acts: Zadig´s side project Kern Space Adventures for his Berlin debut.
We´re also welcoming Tallmen 785 who released a collaboration with Fiedel and was recently featured on Scubas DJ mix for Fabric. Supported all night by the Parallel Berlin residents Daniela La Luz live, Yannick Robyns and Mikki.

On the silo floor Phase booked L.I.E.S.‘ acts Florian Kupfer and Lee Douglas. Filling the rest of the night are Mathematic’s June, Alexis and Still Deep.

/ Day and night – 24 hours /

Planet Parallel x Phase